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  •  Hello, welcome to Huazhou science and Technology Co., Ltd!

    ODM / OEM best partner for high end customizationHuazhou science and technology -- safe and reliable industrial lighting expert

    Talent team with 10 years of professional experienceWe respond quickly

    Huazhou science and technology plant 2000 square meters, with perfect lighting detection equipment

    The core team is composed of many senior technical personnel who have been engaged in professional lighting electronic engineers, structural engineers, performance analysis engineers and customized distribution box engineers for more than ten years, as well as management personnel of large enterprises for many years

    Quality control, defective rate is less than 2 ‰Quality commitment

    Imported wick, domestic first-line brand, independent research and development of high efficiency constant current solution

    Strict inspection process shall be implemented before delivery, and the inspection shall be carried out at all levels

    Has passed ISO9001, 2004 quality system and product professional and other national certification

                 Multiple customization methodsHigh end customized

    Customized product outline drawing can be completed within 7 days at the earliest

    The fastest time for product sampling is 15 days

    The daily production capacity of customized processing is about 1000 sets / day

    24-hour quick response, one-to-one after-sales serviceWe serve attentively

    Personalized element customization, let the shape and quality fit infinitely

    Size, model, color temperature, all in accordance with customer requirements. Quality problem

    Refund can be applied within 15 days

    Huazhou science and technologySafe and reliable lighting expert

    Founded in 2014, has a number of product patents and explosion-proof certification, fire certification, 3C certification.

    Into Huazhou science and technology

    About Huazhou science and technology About Us

    Huazhou science and Technology Co., Ltd. is a private modern lighting enterprise integrating R &amp; D and sales of industrial lighting lamps and industrial explosion-proof electrical appliances. It provides a variety of industrial lighting products with high cost performance for customers in electric power, railway, metallurgy, coal, petroleum, petrochemical, public security, military, port, aviation and other industries, so as to reduce the use cost of users. Various types of industrial lighting lamps and industrial explosion-proof electrical appliances are developed and produced with various new technologies, materials and technologies, mainly covering explosion-proof lamps, LED lamps, explosion-proof electrodeless lamps, three proof lamps, mobile explosion-proof lamps, anti glare emergency lighting lamps, explosion-proof electrical appliances and other products

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